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Quebec Agricultural & Food Processing Co-operative Society Ltd is a new generation co-operative and purpose-driven cooperative that invest in Agriculture, Real Estate, Agro commodities Trading, Haulage, Inter-state Transport, logistics & POS Agent Banking Outlets.

Main Office

National Correspondence Office:
Suite B15, Boya Place Ameh Ebute Street, Wuye- Abuja.

Phone 1: 09095448350
Phone 2: 09095448351
Phone 3: 09095448354
Whatsapp: 09095448350

Operational Offices

North Central Operational Office:
Suite F48 Asokoro Modern Market, After Nigerian Navy Co-operative By Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro, Abuja.

South-East Operational Office:
97 Royce Road, by Edede Street, Owerri, IMO state

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