Let’s join forces to guarantee food security and foster development in our rural farming communities. This is an exceptional opportunity to empower rural communities and combat the surging food prices in Nigeria. Take charge of your food supply by subscribing to the Food Production Contribution Program today, and trust Quebec Agrifoodpro Cooperative to make it happen. No more hesitations – let’s make it a reality!

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We are

Quebec AgriFoodPro Co-op Group

Quebec Agricultural & Food Processing Co-operative Society Ltd (Quebec AgrifoodPro Coop) is a new-generation and purpose-driven agri-savings and loans cooperative registered on May 10, 2021, with the motive of investing in:

  • Farmers
  • Farm Estate
  • Commodities Trading
  • Transport & logistics
  • POS Agency Banking Outlets
  • Fintech & Agritech Projects|

The cooperative core aim is to ensure only healthy food is produced for the populaces and bridge the gap across the agrifood value chain, through the network of stakeholders that are willing to invest in micro-economic activities via access to the products and services of the Central Bank of Nigeria intervention programmes, through its participating financial institutions such the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Ltd(NMFB) and Bank of Agriculture(BOA) on the agricultural related programmes dedicated to local communities development and poverty eradication in Nigeria.

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Our Mission

To support the populaces economically through investment in micro-economic activities to ensure we serve them in mind and spirit.

Our Vision

To become a leading agri-savings and investment cooperative for smallholder farmers to drive food production and supply chain.

Our Core Values

- Financial prudence
- Transparency
- Futuristic projections
- Inclusive participation
- Diligence
- Social responsibility

Why should I participate in the Food Production Contribution Program?

Participating in the Food Production Contribution Program can offer you several benefits. Firstly, it enables you to eat quality and healthy food in line with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) guidelines for food products. This allows you to control what you eat and take control of your food supply. The program is offered three times a year, with a monthly contribution of N4000 and annually contribution of N48,000 for the next three years.

What you should know:
“Facts and Warnings on further food crises”

It is important to note that there is a serious need to produce more food for everyone in Nigeria. Despite the country’s rich soil, many citizens are still hungry, and the prices of food are increasing daily. By participating in this program, you can help impact the lives of millions of devoted farmers in rural farming communities by cultivating arable farmland across the 774 LGAs, with the expectation of enhancing food security annually by increasing production and reducing post-harvest losses.

Furthermore, the World Bank has warned that an increase in conflict in the Middle East could potentially worsen food insecurity in Nigeria and other countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Political instability, violence, and disruptions in global trade could lead to an increase in food inflation, which is already high in Nigeria.

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), around 26.5 million Nigerians are at risk of hunger in 2024. Food inflation in the country has already skyrocketed, with Nigeria’s food inflation for November standing at 32.84%. The United Nations (UN) has also reported that around 78% of Africans cannot afford a healthy diet since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating in the Food Production Contribution Program can help address these challenges and ensure that you have access to quality and healthy food.



To become the most preferred partner of Nigerian farmers, fulfill its mission of growing organic food for the populace, and create a network to invest in micro-economic activities dedicated to local communities.


To invest in agric value chain that includes assembles of support services for its members through local and international programs in strategic rural and urban areas of Nigeria.


To invest in startups, existing farms, and processing firms in Nigeria to generate multiple incomes for its members, encourage devoted farmers, and create jobs for agrifood-related unemployed graduates via entrepreneurial activities in the non-oil sectors for global economic impact.


By 2030, we anticipate empowering at least three million Nigerians to move out of the unemployment cycle and successfully investing in four (4) Agro-Processing Industrial Parks, funding approximately One Million Hectares of farmlands across Nigeria, and providing affordable housing for one million Nigerians in Quebec Agritech City Projects sites.


Empower 3000 youths with POS Agency Banking Outlets in urban and rural areas (Food stuff Markets & farmers' settlements) through its collaboration with key players in the industry via its investments and premeditated goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program aims to encourage members of the cooperative and the public to contribute to food production (farming) in rural communities, address food insecurity, price hikes, and contributors receive food items for their various households three (3) times in a year.

The food items include 10kg of QB-FOODS Rice, 5Litre QB-FOODS Palm oil, 5pcs of Processed Fish, one (1) crate of Egg, and 5Kg QB-FOODS Garri, or 5Kg Fufu powder.

Contribution is made annually with N48,000.00 or N4000.00 monthly per slot, and food items are received at the end of every four (4) months, three (3) times a year.

Yes, you can contribute more than one (1) slot, but not more than ten (10) slots in a year.

To enroll, you need to pay a non-refundable fee of N1,000 for the application form to the Cooperative Account with 9Payment Service Bank (9PSB) – Account Name: Quebec AgrifoodPro Coop Account No: 5050032555. Then fill the online form with relevant KYC documents such as Passport Photography, National Identity Card Slip, and attach evidence of your contribution payments to the cooperative Account with Nirsal Microfinance Bank Ltd with account details provided in the online form for processing. For subsequent monthly contribution payments, you need to send evidence of payment to the cooperative-approved WhatsApp number: 09095448350, and email: quebecagrfoodprocoopng@gmail.com.

No, food items will be available at approved collection and pick-up centers, and no delivery will be made to individual households.

You can call these numbers: 09095448350, 09095448351 for more information and clarity.

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